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About Accreditation

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Professional accreditation of educational programs in field of engineering and technology demonstrates the acknowledgement of education quality by the professional society as well as it aims at quality improvement of Russian engineering education.

Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 272-FZ of December 29, 2012, "On Education in Russian Federation" (as amended on July 21, 2014) outlines the existence of both state and professional accreditation systems. “The purview of state regulatory bodies for education encompasses… state accreditation of educational institutions, assistance in public accreditation” (Federal Law "On Education in RF", art. 37). Unlike state accreditation that to a greater degree serves for control purpose, professional accreditation aims to facilitate the advancement of education and its further development.

In accordance to the agreement established on February 2, 2005, between the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Science and Education (Rosobrnadzor) and the Association for Engineering Education of Russia, AEER is engaged in development of national system for professional accreditation of educational programs in the field of engineering and technology. Being a member of leading international organizations and agreements, such as Washington Accord, ENAEE, SEFI, APQN, etc., the Association is advancing this system with aim to achieve bilateral recognition of national engineering accreditation systems and integration to the global system for engineering education quality assurance.

Accreditation of educational programs provides HEI with opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate its loyalty to high quality standards of engineering education;
  • Receive impartial evaluation of quality of educational programs;
  • Get recommendations on advancement of educational programs;
  • Publicly declare its high level of education quality;
  • Raise its competitive ability on Russian educational market;
  • Gain and fortify its position on international educational market;
  • Assure and advance graduates’ employment.

Graduates of the programs, accredited by AEER, have the possibility to get certification of engineering qualification, make a claim to be included in professional engineers register (on national/international level), and receive professional EUR ING Title.

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