Guide for authors

  • To the publication the articles’ files (MS Word-2003) previously unpublished and not submitted for publishing in other journals are accepted. Articles should meet the following main criteria, should be internally reviewed (review is provided by the Editorial Board) and checked for plagiarism (the originality of the text should be at least 75% of the total article’s size).
  • The article’s size should be at least 6-10 pages (but not more than 12 pages), including figures and tables, placed in the text by reference (the ratio of figures and tables to the text is 30 to 70%).
  • Text formatting: margins – 25 mm, single-line spacing without hyphens, extra spaces and paragraph intervals, font – Times New Roman, size 12.
  • The list of references should include 20 or more sources; reference to own works is no more than 20% of the total number of sources; the list of references should necessarily include modern sources (not older than three years at the time of publication, 20% of the total number of sources) and foreign sources (40%).
  • The abbreviation used in the text is decrypted at the first use..
  • The list of references includes only the sources cited in the article in the order of citation (see an example of an article). The source number according to the list of references is reported in the text in square brackets. The list of references includes only published works. One reference should conform to one source.
  • Publication of articles in Russian is free. For publication in English version of the Journal, all Russian-speaking authors are given the opportunity to present a high-quality English version of the article or to use the services of our experienced translators (fees apply: 500 rubles for 1000 characters including spaces).

The article should contain:

  • UDC (in the left-hand corner of the document);
  • Title of the article (in capital letters) in Russian and English: bold font, size 12 (in the center of the document);
  • Information about authors (see an example of an article):
    • full name;
    • academic degree, title, position;
    • place of work (institution, department, etc.);
    • government and other related titles;
    • work address with postal code;
    • e-mail.
  • Abstract in Russian and English, which should reflect the relevance and purpose of the research, methods, results (at least 200 words
  • Keywords (at least 5 words or phrases in Russian and English)..

Figures, tables and formulas in the text of the article:

  • Figures’ files (preferably in color) in .jpg, .tif, .cdr, .vsd or another format of vector editors such as Corel Draw, Microsoft Visio, etc.., as well as the files of specialized graphics editors such as Adobe Photoshop with required permission no less than 300 dpi are attached to the article.
  • Inscriptions’ format for figures and tables:
  • Fig. 1. Title
    Table 1. Title

There is a section "Our authors" in the Journal. Thus, all authors should provide coloured photo 3x4 cm (not less than 300 dpi in .tif format) as a separate file (for example, Smith.tif).

The fact of submitting an article for publication confirms the author’s agreement with all presented requirements.

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