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Accreditation Board

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Sergei O. Shaposhnikov
Chairman of the Accreditation Board

e-mail: soshaposhnikov@gmail.com

Accreditation Board is an acting body of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia responsible for the professional accreditation. The Board includes leading experts in field of engineering education representing various social groups: one third industry representatives, other third representatives from academic society and the latter third representatives from scientific groups and institutions. Chairman is elected by a simple majority of votes of the Accreditation Board members and is approved by the Administrative Board. The Accreditation Board member team is renewed by a third once in every three years.

Accreditation Board functions:

  • To make decisions on accreditation of educational programs. The decisions are then approved by the Administrative Board;
  • To approve the criteria and procedure for accreditation of educational programs as well as other documents designed by the Methodological Committee of the Accreditation Center;
  • To suggest ways of development and advancement of AEER Accreditation Center performance.

AEER Accreditation Board Policy Statement

AEER Accreditation Board Members

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