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Of current importance

Engineering programs of Russian universities have undergone AEER international professional and public accreditation during the COVID-19.

The Association for Engineering Education of Russia has completed the process of international professional and public accreditation of educational programs of the National Research Ogarev Mordovia State University, Omsk State Technical University and Vyatka State University. All educational programs presented by the universities (Bachelor, Master and Specialist degree) successfully passed the process of AEER accreditation and received international recognition of their quality in more than 30 countries.

The audit stage of these educational programs fell on the difficult time of quarantine measures and self- isolation regime due to the spread of coronavirus infection. In accordance with the regulations developed by AEER and approved by international partners, AEER Accreditation Center conducted online audits for the first time according to the current criteria, having completed all elements of the audit under the procedure of international accreditation.

The accredited programs of these universities have gained international recognition in the signatory countries of the Washington Accord (21 countries) and EUR-ACE Accord (15 countries) and are already displayed in the AEER and ENAEE registers.

AEER Accreditation Center expresses its gratitude to the administration and staff of universities for the work done to prepare their educational programs for AEER expertise. By our joint efforts, the new experience of online audit was successful and confirmed its effectiveness, having received the recognition of the results of accreditation from WA and ENAEE.

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