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Rights and responsibilities of the Association. Activities

3.1. In realization of its goals and objectives in accordance with the current legislation and with the established procedure the Association has the right to:

  • present initiatives on various questions concerning its functions and activities defined by the Charter, introduce proposals to federal and local authorities;
  • participate in decisions of federal and local authorities on the subject of the Association in order and to extent determined by the current legislation;
  • carry out operative coordination of multi-purpose complex projects of the Association members within the Association's field of interest;
  • maintain scientific contacts with the Russian Academy of Sciences, other state and public academies, national academies of sciences of other states, Russian and foreign scientific organization and creative unions;
  • establish business contacts, collaborate in the field of science, engineering, new technologies, education, economy, business, social security with all interested juridical and natural persons, including foreign ones;
  • independently work out and approve plans and programs for its activities, determine areas and amounts in allocation and expense of funds and property;
  • invest its own and borrowed funds into development and improvement of engineering education in Russia;
  • participate in realization of international, national and regional projects and programs and activities of Russian and foreign organizations of similar goals and objectives;
  • represent and protect its rights, ensure protection of lawful rights of its members and other individuals by their request in federal and local government organs and public associations;
  • establish the discussion clubs on problems of the Association activities, scientific-educational centers in different regions as well as temporary creative teams;
  • be founder of non-profit organizations, including public associations;
  • found the mass media, perform publishing and advertising activity;
  • provide reference and consultative services, collect databases (in Russian and English) on the Association activities;
  • hold seminars, workshops, conferences, symposia and other meetings on issues of activities determined by the Charter, delegate its representatives to participate in similar events in Russia and abroad;
  • send the Association members abroad and accept foreign delegations and individuals in Russia;
  • organize and hold expositions and other events in accordance with goals and objectives determined in the Charter;
  • collect information databases on theoretical and practical questions related to activities determined by the Charter;
  • provide information and consultation services;
  • participate in production and distribution of printed and audio-visual products, educational and other software within the Association's field of interest;
  • present in accordance with the established procedure to appropriate governmental authorities nominations for state awards, titles, prizes in the sphere of science for the most talented researchers and specialists working in the field of engineering education, Russian engineering corps, and their works;
  • found, on behalf of the Association, prizes, awards, scholarships and other honors to distinguish special contribution to realization of the Association's goals and objectives;
  • organize and hold competitions in the Association of scientific works, articles, research projects, teaching and methodological materials within the Association's field of interest;
  • perform academic, lecturing, popularizing and educational activities in accordance with the current legislation;
  • set up centres, commissions, committees, councils and other subdivisions according to the Association's areas of activity acting on the basis of Regulations approved by the Association Board;
  • establish regional departments, open branches and offices of the Association in Russia and abroad;
  • independently decide on the organizational structure of the Association, hire the staff of the Executive Directorate of the Association, decide on forms and amounts of remuneration for work and material stimulation of the staff of the Executive Directorate;
  • independently enter into legal relationship with subjects of economic activity;
  • form short-term and permanent working groups of specialists, contract individual specialists, including foreign ones;
  • advertise its activity, freely and widely disseminate information;
  • carry out business and foreign economic activity, found companies and partnerships with rights of a juridical person in pursuing the objectives laid out in the Charter;
  • make contracts and other juridical acts with natural and juridical persons both in Russia and abroad;
  • acquire to ownership, lease and rent as well as accept as gift in the Russian Federation and abroad all kinds of property and real estate, including objects of intellectual property;
  • perform charity activities;
  • perform other types of activity stipulated by the current legislation and inconsistent with this Charter.

3.2. The Association bears the following responsibilities:

  • comply with the Constitution and enacted legislation of the Russian Federation generally accepted principles and norms of international law concerning its sphere of activity as well as norms spelled out in this Charter and other founding documents of the Association;
  • publish an annual report on the use of its property and provide access to it;
  • inform the agency, that decide on state registration of the Association, on the annual basis, of continuation of its activities with indicating the actual location of a permanent governing body, its name and data on the Association leaders in the amount necessary for inclusion into the integrated state register of juridical persons;
  • on request of the registering agency the decisions of governing bodies and officials of the Association as well as annual and quarterly reports on its activity in the amount necessary for tax reporting;
  • permit presence of the registering agency at the events held by the Association;
  • provide assistance to the representatives of the registering agency in revision of the Association activity concerning accordance to the goals of the Charter and the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • inform the registering agency on changes of information specified in paragraph 1 of Article 5 of the Federal Law "On state registration of juridical persons", except for information about the obtained licenses, in three days period from the date of such changes;
  • bear other responsibilities according to the current legislation.

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