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Goals and objectives of the Association

2.1. The Association has the following goals:

  • Development and improvement of engineering education and engineering profession in all their varieties involving educational, scientific and technological aspects that include teaching, consulting, research, development of engineering projects, technology transfers, providing a wide range of educational services, establishing ties with community, production and science;
  • building conditions for full realization of creative potential of the Association members, with a view to advancement of scientific and technological progress;
  • representation of lawful interests and protection of professional, civil, social, intellectual and other rights of the Association members;
  • development of international ties and contacts in the field of engineering education, facilitating integration of Russian scientists, teachers of higher education engineering institutions, and graduate engineers into the world scientific and educational space.

2.2. The Association seeks to solve the following objectives:

  • building a system of and conditions for training and maturing of a new generation of highly-educated professionals in engineering capable of maintaining a stable dynamic development of economy and achieving break-through progress in practical fields;
  • elaboration and continuous updating of the doctrine of engineering education, participation in development of educational standards;
  • work towards concentration of the engineering potential of Russia and the Association members on the break-through technologies and directions that lead Russia out of the social and economic crisis and create conditions for prosperous life of the people of Russia;
  • revival and development of engineering schools of Russia, effective use of their potential for building the strategy of sustainable development for the country;
  • activities toward joining the efforts of the government, educational institutions, organizations, firms and general public in giving priority to development of engineering education on the basis of progressive pedagogical thinking, use of "high" educational technologies, combining the best national traditions and international experience in training engineers;
  • independent public and scientific assessment of state and individual programs for development and improvement of the engineering education in Russia, legal acts, research programs, projects, inventions and discoveries in accordance with the agreements signed in the established order;
  • research on problems in professional education, assistance in creating new organizational forms of education (distant education, "virtual university", continuous education etc.);
  • organisation of public and professional accreditation of professional educational programmes in accordance with international standards;
  • participation in organisation and certification and registration of professional qualifications;
  • assistance to the development of engineering educational institutions and establishment of a modern material and technical base for engineering education;
  • improvement of the content of engineering education, attaining its fundamentalization, humanization and professionalization, forming a high-level informational culture of the engineering education system, targeting the language training to a fluent use of foreign language as a tool of intercultural communication, increasing the academic mobility of students to improve the quality of engineering education;
  • improvement of the system of retraining and professional development of the engineering education institutions faculty and engineering corps of the country;
  • establishment and expansion of ties and cooperation with associations, foundations and foreign educational institutions for exchange of specialists, interns, postgraduate and undergraduate students, visits of international undergraduate and postgraduate students to study in Russia as well as exchange of ideas and experience on developing the higher education and engineering profession, solution of problems of "exchange" and "route" education;
  • creation of a system for support of the socially prestigious status of engineering education and engineering profession;
  • propagation of new educational technologies for training of engineers, leaders of the engineering education worldwide;
  • encouragement of dialog and cooperation among members of the Association, joining and coordination of their efforts in development of the higher engineering education;
  • monitoring and analysis of international, interregional, national and regional markets for intellectual labor and production;
  • participation in upgrading of qualification of the Association members, expanding their professional knowledge, organizing upgrading courses on innovations in engineering education;
  • participation, organization and conduct of scientific and methodological and scientific and practical conventions, conferences, symposiums, seminars, discussions, academic readings on problems of engineering education;
  • organization and holding of meeting with rectors and vice-rectors of higher engineering education establishments, deans and heads of departments;
  • holding of competitions and exhibitions of engineering ideas and projects in various nominations with a view to discovering and support of most promising ideas, technologies and projects, participation in international exhibitions for engineering education programs, organization of lotteries to promote development of higher engineering education;
  • instituting awards, scholarships and other honors for best scientific works and effective technologies in the field of the Association's interests;
  • assistance to organisation, in accordance with the Russian legislation, of export/import of educational services, participation in development and implementation of engineering education programs in the English language for foreign students by higher education institutions, assistance in founding of interuniversity foreign branches and offices;
  • foundation of the media, publishing activities, participation in preparation and publishing of the journal "Engineering Education of Russia", collective works, monographs, encyclopedias and popular science editions, periodic information and analytical reviews on problems of engineering education;
  • creation of web-sites, WWW-servers on engineering education problems, as well as issue of own electronic bulletins.

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