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Requirements for Experts

Requirements for Experts Code of Ethics Training Seminars for Experts

Members of expert team are obliged to follow the Code of Ethics and share the ideas and principles of professional accreditation of the Association for Engineering Education in Russia.

Requirements for expert team:

1. Experts are responsible to the HEI that undergoes the AEER accreditation process.

2. Members of expert team are required to provide qualitative and (sometimes) quantitative evaluation of:

  • HEI mission;
  • Educational programís objectives and their correspondence with consumer needs and HEI mission;
  • Adequacy of educational programís objectives achievement and methods for evaluation of its efficiency;
  • Complex system enabled to assure compliance with AEER criteria.

3. Expert has to:

  • be competent to evaluate the educational program;
  • complete training seminars or have experience as an educational programís audit observer.

4. Chair of the expert team has to:

  • Have experience as an expert of at least 2 educational programís audits.

5. Industry representative has to:

  • Have at least 5-year work experience in line with his specialty and on a managing position.

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