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XIV International Scientific and Practical Conference Fundamental and applied research, development and application of high technologies in industry and economy" (Scientific and technological, economic, financial and legal aspects, legal protection and commercialization of intellectual property), 25-26 April 2013, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Plenary and discussion sessions of the Conference invite to examine and discuss the issues of state of art and prospects of high technologies, results of fundamental and applied research in various fields of science, education, economy and industry in Russia, CIS countries and the EU, the U.S., China, India and other countries:

  • Information and computer technology, quantum computers, computer production, production of accessories for computers, instrument making, robotics, education, programming and telecommunications systems. Thin clients and terminal servers in the development and large-scale implementation of modern computing and information technology;
  • Theoretical and applied physics, radio physics, chemistry;
  • Optics, photonics, microelectronics;
  • Physics and chemistry of plasma, physics and technology of electric discharges, optical, spectral, laser and plasma technologies, electronics, including high-power, non-destructive testing and diagnostics;
  • Atomic and thermonuclear technology, aviation, rocket production and astronautics;
  • Materials, structures, SMART Technologies systems;
  • Powder and plasma metallurgy, plasma coatings, materials science and strengthening technologies;
  • Nanotechnology, nanomedicine, nanobiology, nanogenetics;
  • Biotechnology, biogeotechnology, bio-robotics, physiology, medicine, genetics, cytology, pharmacology, zoology, agriculture;
  • Geophysics, hydrometeorology, oceanology, physics and diagnostics of earth and atmosphere, climatology and ecology;
  • System analysis and applied synergetics;
  • Energy, metallurgy, mining, chemical, aviation and automotive industries, shipbuilding, heavy and light industry, mechanical engineering, speed railways;
  • Modern innovative pre-school education, general secondary and vocational education, higher and postgraduate education as the basis for preparation of highly competitive world-class professionals. Problems and solutions;
  • Academic degrees and titles in Russia and the world. The Bologna Process and international standardization of nomenclature of specialities, academic degrees and titles in Russia and other CIS countries. Activity of RF HAC pluses and minuses;
  • Problems and prospects of renewal and rejuvenation of members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 70 years of age limitation for candidates the positions of President and heads of regional and branch offices and centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences is a prerequisite for the development of science and high technology in Russia;
  • Authoritative and financial engagement of the social sciences (economics, law, history, sociology, etc.) as a problem of state and public security. Research of China's experience on the exclusion in 1977 of public and social sciences branches from the Chinese Academy of Sciences;
  • Intellectual property, innovation, high-tech industry, technological and national security of the state. Development problems as funding problems;
  • Problems of development of economy, finance, innovation, automation and science-based optimization state management systems. The role of credit and tax policy in the development or destruction of basic and applied research, education, high-tech industries;
  • Reduction of refinance rates of the Central Bank of Russia and bank loans to the world standards of 0.25% -1% and 3-5%, respectively, is a necessary condition for the development of innovative industries, science and education in Russia and other CIS countries in a highly competitive global economy conditions (especially within the framework of the WTO). It is proved that the excess bank rates of more than 5-6% automatically make it impossible to develop an innovative industry;
  • Development and legislative implementation of science-based methods and techniques for assessing effectiveness and impact of the activity of heads of the Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Academy of Sciences, the Higher Attestation Committee, the Central Bank of Russia and other authorities of the Russian Federation in development or destruction of the development of education, science, high technology and high-tech industry in Russia;

Such an extended approach to the topic of the Conference and a comprehensive scientific analysis allows assessing the state of progress multilaterally, developing and implementing optimal schemes and ways of development of fundamental and applied research, education, high technology, economy, innovation and high-tech industry. It is confirmed by long-standing international practice.

Materials of the Conference are published in peer-reviewed Proceedings. Participation in the Conference may be direct and correspondence. By results of the previous fourteen conferences 40 volumes of proceedings were published.

During the Conference there will be organized round tables, meetings, discussions on development and commercialization of intellectual property, promotion of high technologies and innovation in industry and economy, there will be a meeting of the Club of Innovators - "Innovation Projects Competition". Diplomas, participation certificates, will be awarded on the Conference; a cultural programme will be organized.

More information and registration on the Conference website (only in Russian).

P.S. For your information: The papers published in the Proceedings of international and nationwide conferences are taking into account by the RF HAC for a defense of dissertations (Government Decree 475 of 20 June 2011).

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