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News from partners

The International Conference on Higher Education “Going Global” will be held on May 2-4, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Going Global is a conference for leaders in international education to debate the future of further and higher education, which is held since 2014.

The 2018 conference theme is “Global connections, local impact: Creating 21st century skills, knowledge and impact for society-wide good”.

This year's conference will seek to answer these questions:

  • Against the backdrop of financial, environmental and political challenges how can leaders and policymakers develop a well-understood role for institutions in terms of their social obligation and knowledge economy impact?
  • What are the priorities in ensuring national tertiary education is fit to shape societies of the future, meet the future needs of students, employers and communities?
  • How can global tertiary networks contribute to their achievement?

More information about the conference can be found on the official website of the event.

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov