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Issue Topic: «Engineering Education and Economics»

Competitive ability of national economy is to a large extent influenced by the advancement of science, professional education and engineering. Sustainable economic growth leads to a new level of communication between scientists, engineers and government. The key factor of this process is the integration of engineering knowledge and scientific breakthroughs, that in modern society is stipulated by economic downturns. Engineering inherits new attributes and specific features. The level of modern technology application in engineering activity is rising.

The aim of the current issue is to discuss processes of HEI systems’ lifecycle organization and transformation of engineer’s creative potencial into the leading factor of economic growth and national competitiveness.

Key sections of the issue:

  • Engineering education and advancement of Russian economy. Competence-based approach;
  • Quality of engineering education within the framework of global knowledge economy;
  • Development of corporate culture for the creative class uprising as a basis for social and economic progress.

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov