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The International Centre for Organising Experts' Training in High Technologies and Promoting High Technologies to the World Market


General regulations

It is universally recognized that scientific and technical ideas and scientific works, scientific technologies and productions, high intellectual and educational potential of the staff are the basic source and main driving force of steady economic growth.

Russia, having more than 300 years history of engineering education and the same industrial family tree, well financed in the previous years on wide spectrum of directions of basic investigations, one of largest in the world amount of the highly skilled researchers, has saved huge intellectual potential, which remains today its main riches.

According to the assessments of domestic (the Russian Engineering Academy, the Association of Engineering Education of Russia, the League of Independent Scientists of Russia) and foreign (the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) experts, the existing Russian intellectual property is outnumbering Russian Basic assets in 10 times.

By the Association of Engineering Education of Russia's experts evaluation, there are more then 40 thousands high technologies, science intensive works and finished projects on scientific and technical production.

According to the aforesaid, the Association of Engineering Education is being rested upon the engineering higher schools, their scientific and educational potential and infrastructure, and also on cooperation with higher schools of Russian Academy of Science, Ministries and Departments, private research-and-production corporations, Technological Parks and other establishments, has decided to organize THE INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR ORGANISING EXPERTS' TRAINING IN HIGH TECHNOLOGIES AND PROMOTING HIGH TECHNOLOGIES TO THE WORLD MARKET.

This Center should decide two-unified problem: to organize high qualified experts' training in high technologies, using the advantages of the Russian higher vocational education; and to organize the promotion of high technologies to the World Market using the cumulative of high technologies science intensive works and finished projects.

The advantages of Russian higher education and particularly of Russian engineering education are well-known among experts all over the world. Russian dash into Space was explained by American experts with Soviet Union's perfect educational system.

Last years, despite of economical decay in Russia, the international experts positively estimate the condition and tendencies of Russian higher education development. Thus, for example, the experts of the International Bank of Renovation and Development marked in the Analytical Report for 1994, that the system of Russian engineering education and higher technical professional education on the whole have withstand, despite of hard political, economical and social situation in Russia.

The main traditions of the Russian higher education, which provide its main advantages, are as follows:

  • Strong fundamental component of education, ensuring decision of new composite problems, and also problems from an adjacent fields of knowledge and, that is more important, "on joints of sciences" problems, where the occurrence of scientific discovering, dashing technologies and original engineering decisions is most interquartile.
  • Experts' training is conducting on the basis of educational and scientific fusion and permitting:
    • To develop the creative basis of the future specialist
    • To recruit him for creative work on engineering and scientific problems solution, creation of technological elaborations, which will be promote by this specialist (being co-author and co-owner) to the market in the future
    • .
  • Large component of practical training in professional-education programs for engineers (especially) and masters, including technological, manufacturing and before-diploma practical works, training on the leading enterprises and scientific centres, engaging high-experienced and well-known specialists of modern manufactures for engineering disciplines teaching etc. It reduces the duration of acclimatization term to real conditions of manufacturing and real life.
  • The high level of the requirements demanding from the student during learning process, at examinations, tests. It guarantees not only high level of specialist training, but also his capacity to adopt new information, to increase his professional level permanently, his mobility and flexibility in the future. The last one is provided with good fundamental training and also training in engineering, modern information technologies, economics, management etc.

All these of advantages of modern Russian higher school are provided owing to teachers (professors, the senior lecturers, assistant professor), who conduct fundamental scientific researches within the framework of different grants or participate in applied researches and elaborations by the orders of industrial companies and corporations. It allows students to receive not only traditional knowledge but the additional new information, to form methods of professional activity and to inform about latest scientific achievements.

The training at the International Centre for Organising Experts' Training in High Technologies (ICOETHT) is supposed to be executed by the leading Russian higher schools such as the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, technical universities: the Moscow Automobile - Road Institute, Moscow Air - Technological Institute, Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow Energy Institute, St.-Petersburg State Technical University, St.- Petersburg Mining Institute, Tula State University, Tomsk Polytechnical University, South-Ural State University, Ural State Technical University, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Altay State Technical University, Krasnoyarsk State Technical University, Irkutsk State Technical University, Far East State Technical University and others. The number of high level and high quality technologies, tendered by Russian higher schools is about several tens thousand. The heads of these elaborations are well-known scientists, working in these higher schools, and also in the Russian Academy of Sciences and leading branch research institutes (as a rule, joint activities).

Many higher schools of Russia have close scientific and academic contacts with leading foreign universities of USA, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, China, Italy, have matched academic programs, exchange programs for students, post-graduate students and persons working for doctor's degree. The number of higher schools is selling their technological and engineering elaborations in highly industrialized countries all over the World.

The preservation, strengthening and development of the best traditions of Russian higher school, usage of positive foreign experience, integration of Russian higher education in international scientific-educational space allows today to formulate the basis positions of the Concept of Creation and Operation of the International Centre of the Association Engineering Education of Russia for Organising Experts' Training in High Technologies.

  • The Centre executes training of highest level personnel (engineers, specialists, masters, candidates and doctors of sciences) in the field of high technologies on the relevant engineering and technical directions which is regulating by list of experts' training directions in Russian higher school or by list of scientific specialities, and also in the field of technologies transfer (manager in the field of "Technology Transfer").
  • The Centre is working with persons having diplomas of first stage higher professional education (bachelor's degrees, engineer), or with any higher education, wishing to receive the second higher education in selected area of high technologies.
  • The International Centre does not organize the training for bachelor's degree.
  • The training is made in one or several higher schools of Russia on the selected direction and personal schedule, including as a mandatory (basic) block of training in the field of concrete high technologies. Depending on the participation in learning process, creation of engineering (technological) elaboration, the student can become the co-author and co-owner of elaboration.

    The professional-educational program includes analysis of technology transfer, taking into account the legal features and features of the technologies' market in Russia and other countries.
  • The training can be implemented on internal, internal-correspondence, correspondence forms and/or with usage of "Internet" technologies (Distant education) on Russian and English languages (ad Librium). In case of selection the Russian-language training, the special training courses on Russian language are supposed.
  • The duration of training depends on the program and training form. It is determined by the personal schedule, agreed between higher school and student. An average duration of training is 3 years.
  • After graduation (on the assumption of the personal schedule fulfillment) and successful presentation of diploma work (project) the graduator will receive the State Diploma of one of the higher schools of Russia and Certificates of Russian and foreign higher schools if the graduator had studied subjects there. After thesis preparation and protection the graduate receives the scientific degree diploma of the candidate or doctor of sciences.
  • The training in Centre is paid and realised under the separate contracts (agreements) between student, higher school (higher schools) and Directorate of Centre. The training fee depends on the program, forms and language of training. It is from 2000 up to 6000 USD.

The founder of International Centre is the Association of Engineering Education of Russia. It is planed to engage the other scientific - public and professional organizations of Russia and other countries as founders. The official title is "The International Centre for Organising Experts' Training in High Technologies of the Association of Engineering Education of the Russian Federation". The official address: 30, Lenin Prosp., Tomsk, Russia, RUS-634034.

The Directorate of the International Centre arranges the enrollment of students from different countries to higher schools of Russia, provides the coordination of the educational schedules and programs, creates terminals and branches of ICOETHT in different countries, organizes training Russian and English languages and training in Russian and foreign higher schools. It also organizes contracts signing between the student, higher school and Centre.

An approximate technology of organisation and training procedure in the Centre:

  • The Centre exhibits on its "site" a list of higher schools of Russia with the indicating of specialists' and scientific personnel's training directions in the field of high technologies, training levels (specialist, engineer, master, candidate, doctor of sciences), capabilities of training in English (Russian) language, possibilities of "Internet" usage during the education etc.
  • The Centre exhibits on "site" also a list of high technologies (title, brief description, title of higher school, condition of elaboration). Access to this information is paid.
  • The Centre exhibits on "site" the "Application form", condition of registration and enrollment.
  • The person, wishing to receive an education on high technologies should select technology, program level, language, form and desirable period of training, indicate additionals in "Application form" (higher school for training, live training in other high schools etc.), pay a fixit registration fee (25 $).
  • The Directorate of the Centre prepares the Contract between the entrant (applicant), higher school and Directorate of the Centre. An integral part of the Contract is the educational schedule, curriculum, subject of researches (title of a studied high technology, title of technological and engineering elaborations in selected area, based on high technologies usage).
  • The Centre, as a rule, will recommend for training the Russian higher schools, the diplomas of which are recognized abroad. In all remaining cases the Association of Engineering Education of Russia assumes the responsibility to conduct an international promotion of supposed programs and diplomas to make them generally recognized.
  • The Directorate of the Centre assumes the obligation to provide activity of Centre terminals in different countries and to be in progress of current contracts implementation.

The Organization of Promotion of High Technologies to the World Market

  • The Center creates an Electronic Exchange of Intellectual Property Objects of higher schools and other organizations of Russia, including the following proposals' and requirements' data banks:
    • data bank of technical and technological developments in the field of high technologies - data bank of requirements in engineering and technological developments in the field of high technologies;
    • data bank of educational services of higher schools in the field of high technologies - data bank of requirements in educational services in the field of high technologies;
    • data bank of elite specialists of technical-engineer specialities in the field of high technologies - data bank of requirements in specialists in the field of high technologies;
    • data bank of higher schools proposals on technological ideas development and realization of scientific researches in the field of high technologies - data bank of orders on technological ideas developments and researches in the field of high technologies.
  • Center provides the actualization of the data banks of Electronic Exchange and organizes clients' broad access to the information via Internet, creations of amicable user interface, and also "mirror" Web-servers of Exchange in different countries.
  • The access to the information of Electronic Exchange is paid. The rate of payment depends on the level of demanded information. Different forms of Electronic Exchange's service charge are realised: with the usage of credit cards, remittance, subscription, contract etc. The information retrieval in databases by the inquiry, formed by the user is possible.
  • The result of Electronic Exchange functioning is the organization of interaction/cooperation between inventor, high technologies' specialist, customer of educational services etc. and client (investor, businessman, etc.).

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