European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) is a network of accrediting agencies. It was established with the purpose building and support of European accreditation systems for engineering degree programs.

Main objectives of the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education are as follows:

  • To increase confidence in systems of accreditation of engineering degree programs;
  • To facilitate promotion of the EUR-ACE® quality label and corresponding standards;
  • To support, promote and coordinate the activity of national accreditation agencies, to initiate regular expert audits.

The assessment and certification of accreditation agencies’ quality complies with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) and the employers’ requirements. Members of ENAEE are agencies and professional organizations with an interest in the education and formation of engineering professionals. Accreditation agencies – members of ENAEE have the opportunity to award the EUR-ACE® label at first and second cycle to engineering programs which they have accredited.

Benefits of the EUR-ACE® label:

  • The accredited program will be included in All-European ENAEE Database of EUR-ACE Labelled Programmes;
  • It is an additional verification of high quality of engineering education (above the state required quality level);
  • It provides an incentive for prospective students to choose a EUR-ACE® labelled program;
  • Program graduates’ knowledge, skills and abilities comply with European and international quality standards acknowledged by the European employers;
  • It provides reliable information on the quality of First Cycle programs and graduates’ competency for admission to Second Cycle programs or employment;
  • The accredited programs comply with the requirements to education needed for registration/certification of engineer.

Today AEER is the only Russian accreditation agency in ENAEE, despite the fact that the number of national agencies – ENAEE members is not limited. ENAEE has 17 full member accreditation agencies from EU (11 countries), Russia, Turkey and Switzerland, as well as 4 associated member agencies. EUR-ACE® label has been awarded to more than 1600 engineering educational programs of 300 universities and other educational institutions in 21 countries.

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