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On 26 November 2012 ãîäà the Expert seminar «Ways to develop and control competences of modern engineers in the process of their training» was held

The Seminar was conducted within the frameworks of international scientific school «Modern tasks for engineering education for gas and petrochemical facilities in the context of Russia’s participation in the World Trade Association (WTA)» that was held on November 26-30 2012 in Kazan at the Kazan National Research Technological University.

The aim of the international scientific school was to formulate professional recommended guidelines to reform higher (inter alia engineering) education in accordance with new tasks determined by Russia’s entrance into WTA; to promote international recognition of intellectual property of universities engaged into joint educational programs, gas and petrochemical industrial enterprises that yield present-day production, research institutes and R&D and manufacturing organizations that make new methods and technologies; to contribute to integration of Russian education and science into the global educational and research market.

The Expert Seminar was conducted by Yury Pokholkov, President of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia, and Svetlana Rozhkova, member of the Association Administrative Board, Director of AEER Tomsk Branch, Professor of National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

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