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Accreditation Center

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Kseniya K. Zaitseva
Director of the Accreditation Center

tel./fax: (3822) 606-271

The Accreditation Center is a structural unit of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia (AEER). The Director of the Accreditation Centre is appointed by the AEER Administrative Board and reports to it.

The Accreditation Centre of the AEER undertakes its activities to promote quality assurance in engineering education through external evaluation and accreditation of programs, provision of information within the limit of the Centreís competence, and performance of other functions in accordance with the AEER Charter.

Goals and Aims of the Accreditation Center

Accreditation Center Areas of Activities:

Advantages of getting accreditation of engineering degree programs from the AEER Accreditation Center:

AEER Accreditation Center Policy Statement

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