Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Ⅰ. General provisions
  1. The Code of APEC Engineer Professional Ethics in Russia (hereinafter referred to as the Code of Ethics) defines major moral principles of creative work and relations among engineering specialists with respect to ethic values, history and traditions of soviet and Russian engineers.
  2. The highest standards of morality shall lay the foundation for developing a highly professional Russian APEC Engineer, become the core of his/her active citizenship, facilitate the genuine value of engineering activity, as well as raise the prestige of the Russian engineering education.
  3. The key principles of professional conduct and ethics proceed from the fact that free, creative work for ensuring welfare of the public, as well as striving for innovation shall be regarded as matter of honour and dignity of Russian engineers and the key motive of their professional activity.
  4. Having the core moral principles in view and respecting the achievements of the previous generations, the Russian APEC Engineer seeks to enhance the ex-isting engineering solutions and searches for the principally new ones. Discoveries, inventions, rationalization activity and design of principally new technologies and equipment, as well as implementation of innovations with respect to the moral constituent shall provide the basis for practical work of the Russian APEC Engineer.
Ⅱ. Basic principles of professional ethics
  1. Russian APEC Engineers shall:
  2. 2. Russian APEC Engineers shall not:

    3. :

Ⅲ. Key moral values

By key moral values of the Russian APEC Engineer one implies:

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