Applicant documents

The list of documents required from candidates for certification and registration in the Russian Register of APEC Engineers and the International APEC Engineer Register:

  • The completed application form, which includes a resume, a brief biography (information about education, professional experience) with the signature of the candidate, the signature of the head and project manager.
  • One photo.
  • Copies of documents on higher education: diploma and diploma supplement (stamped).
  • A copy of the work book (certified by the personnel department).
  • Copies of professional development documents for the last 2 years in an amount of at least 50 hours per year (stamped).
  • Copy of the cover page of the passport (stamped).
Documents must be certified in the personnel department.

It is allowed to submit scanned copies of documents in electronic form (in the format of electronic documents (.pdf) or bitmap images: .jpg, .bmp, .tif or .png).

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