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Of current importance

Association for Engineering Education has started the work on 9th issue of the Journal “Engineering Education” (to be published in June 2012)

Issue topic - "Quality of Engineering Education in the New Industrialisation”

We expect that readers of this issue of the Journal will find the answers for the following questions:

  • what is needed to be changed in the system of higher engineering education in Russia in order to take into account the interdisciplinary nature of engineering, its growing complexity and responsibility of engineers to society;
  • what competencies should be formed by future engineers for their effective participation in the new industrialization of the country;
  • how to assess the quality of engineering education and to manage it in the process of training;
  • what educational programmes and educational technology should be to ensure the high level of engineering education.

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Paper Submission Guidelines

Papers for publication are to be submitted until June 1, 2012 to the Editorial Board:

Tel./fax: (3822) 421476
Mobile.: 8-913-8888-716
Svetlana Rozhkova

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