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Novosibirsk State Technical University joined top 20 ranking of most demanded engineering universities in Russia

Novosibirsk State Technical University took the 18th place in the employment rating of demand of higher education institutions, which was made by the ôSocial navigatorö of MIA ôRussia todayö with the assistance of the Centre of labour market research. According the ranking Novosibirsk State Technical University took the first place among technical universities in Russia. Totally the rating included 140 technical universities in Russia.

Estimate criteria of the rating were the following:

  • share of the graduates who received a job placement in the general release of higher education institution on the main educational programs of full-time tuition;
  • share of means in the budget of higher education institution from commercialization of products of researches, development, programs of vocational education for the organizations;
  • index of citing works of staff of the organization.

In addition to rating the demand for engineering schools MIA "Russia today" prepared rating of the demand for classical universities, universities in the field of management, agriculture, humanitarian and medical schools.

The methodology and the results of research are presented on the website of RIA Novosti.

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