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VIII International Extramural Scientific and Practical Conference “Current issues of science – XXI Century”

Dear Colleagues! You are invited to participate in VIII International Correspondence Scientific and Practical Conference “Current issues of science – XXI Century” which will be held June 27, 2011 in Tambov.

Those wishing to extramurally participate in the conference (with publication in the Proceedings) should send by June 27, 2011 to the Organising Committee a participant registration card, a copy of receipt of registration fee payment, an abstract or a paper in electronic form by e-mail

Preparation of conference materials as well as publication of the Proceedings (including assignment of the international index ISBN, the UDK and BBK codes) will be performed on the basis of Tambov Oblast Institute for Educators Professional Development, Tambov.

Consulting company YUCOM, Tambov, is a technical organizer. For more information visit in the section “Conferences”.

Application deadline: 27 June 2011.

Mailing of the Proceedings will be done centrally by mailing department of FSUE “Russian Post” by registered small parcels (with bar codes).

The Proceedings will be passed to mailing department of Russian Post on 20-22 July 2011.

Topics of the conference sections:
Section 1: Natural Sciences.
Section 2: Economics, Business and Management.
Section 3: Problems of Legal Regulation.
Section 4: Mechanical Engineering, State and Prospect of Industry.
Section 5: Development of Information Technologies.
Section 6: Modern Problems of Ecology.
Section 7: Progressive Pedagogy and Educational Technologies.
Section 8: Issues of Quality Management.
Section 9: Problems and Prospect of Agricultural Sector.
Section 10: Architecture and Construction.
Section 11: Social Technologies.
Section 12: Important Issues of History, Psychology and Sociology.

Call for Papers (in Russian)

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov