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Assembly outcomes

The General Assembly was attended by 51 delegates of AEER Regional Departments, as well as invited participants, representatives of scientific institutions, scientific production enterprises, authorities, 97 people in total.

The delegates and participants of the General Assembly were greeted by:

The active members and partners of the Association were awarded:

Medal of Peter the First «For Development of Engineering Profession and Education» Medal «For Merits in Development of Engineering Education of Russia»
Certificate of Merit Letter of Appreciation

President of the Association Yury Petrovich Pokholkov reported on the Association activities from 28/03/2007 to 21/03/2011. He started his report with the Message of XII AEER General Assembly to members of the engineering organizations and scientifically-educational communities of Japan.

In the discussion of the report the following people took part:

Under the guidance of the elected Chairman of the General Assembly Petr Savelievich Chubik the governing bodies of the Association were elected for the period 2011-2015: Prof. Yury Petrovich Pokholkov was elected President of the Association, the members of the Administrative Board. Also the main directions of activities for the period 2011-2015 were approved.

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