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14th Special issue of the “Journal of Engineering Education” (India), Pune, Mumbai, India

Engineering Education Foundation is a NGO working for Quality and Excellence in Engineering Education since 1986. The Foundation also publishes a quarterly journal—Journal of Engineering Education. During this period, 13 Special issues on different topics pertaining Engineering Education have been published.

The topic proposed for the 14th special issue which is also the 100th quarterly issue: “Engineering Education on the Global Plane - National Scenarios& Future Challenges”

As the topic of the Special Issue indicates, authors from different countries are requested to come forward and write on:

  • Current Scenario of Engineering Education in their Country - describe the Engineering Education System, its salient feature, no. of degree holder and M.Techs and PhDs, produces yearly,
  • Some Statistical data on Engineering & Technological Education of the Country,
  • Research in Engineering Pedagogy and Engineering Education,
  • Employment position of Engineering Graduates in their Countries,
  • How Quality of Education is being taken care of and enhanced continuously? Why some member countries find difficulty in getting full membership of Washington Accord? What could be the Road Map for them to get full membership?
  • How the demands of Technical Manpower of the Industry is met, how this manpower is contributing to the economic welfare and social development of the Country,
  • Engineering Education, current problems& challenges at the National level and Global level,
  • Any topic pertaining to Engineering Education or Technology or Higher Education in general—as long as it has some tie with Global Plane

What are the Global challenges, as the authors perceive, and how they plan to meet these challenges. It is suggested that a period of 25 years be visualized when we think of the Future Challenges.

When these National and Global challenges are spelled out, it will be possible for the Global Engineering Educators to make a consolidated list of these global challenges and prepare a Road Map from the global platform and plan for its implementation.

Dates to Remember:

Submission of the Synopsis (about 400 words)     15th May 2012
Intimation of Acceptance     31st May 2012
Final Submission of the full text of the Paper     21st June 2012

The Paper should be about 4000-5000 words (about 8 pages of A4 size) and sent by e-mail to and a hard copy addressed to

Prof. N.V. Ratnalikar
Editor, Journal of Engineering Education,
2- Apurva, Plot No. 40/2, Ideal Colony,
Kothrud, Pune – 411038, (India)

The authors are requested to send their brief bio data (about 300 words) and a passport size photograph.

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov