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11th Active Learning in Engineering Education workshop (ALE2012), 20 22 June 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark

Workshop will be hosted at Copenhagen University College of Engineering and Technical University of Denmark.

The theme of the ALE2012 workshop is Bridging the Gaps in Engineering Education. This workshop will focus on the gaps within the engineering students way from high school through engineering education towards becoming a professional engineer in society when entering the labour market.

During the workshop we will provide you with a place to meet with colleagues, interact and exchange experiences. You will experience various good examples of teaching practices and examples on how to use Active Learning in Engineering Education.

Together we will create dynamic workshops with interactive keynote sessions and poster sessions, hands-on exercises and more theoretical discussions about Active Learning as well as social arrangements.

Registration deadline 15 May 2012

For further information and details of the programme please visit the workshop website

ALE2012 Flyer

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov