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Romanov Evgeny Mikhailovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,
Rector of Volga State University of Technology

He was born on 10th March 1948 in Kotyakovka village of Veshkaymskiy region, Ulyanovskaya Oblast. He got primary education in Kotyakovskaya elementary school, and secondary education - in Krasnoborskaya secondary school.

He started his career as a fitter-assembler at Ulyanovsk Instrument-Building plant. In 1971 he graduated from Mari Polytechnic Institute as Forestry Engineer. After graduation, he worked at elected positions in the Komsomol and Party bodies: Secretary of the MarPI Komsomol Com-mittee, Second and then First Secretary of the Yoshkar-Ola City Komsomol Committee and, from October 1978 to December 1983, Head of the Department of the City Party Committee.

A significant part of life and main education and industrial, and scientific activities is connected to MarPI - MarSTU, where he began a career in 1971 as Secretary of the Komsomol office of Mechanical Faculty and at the same time (combining) as Assistant Lecturer of Department of Botany and Forest Protection, worked as a Senior Lecturer , Secretary of the Party Committee, Assistant Professor, Senior Researcher, Professor, Head of Department of Forestry Crops and Mechanization of Forestry Work, Dean of Faculty of Forestry and Environment, First Vice-Rector. In June 2005 he was elected Rector of Mari State Technical University, from 2012 - Volga State University of Technology due to the renaming of the University.

Scientific and public activities: elected Deputy of the Yoshkar-Ola City Council three timed, member of 2 EMA (in Forestry, and Environment and Sustainable Development) of the RF Ministry of Education and Science, Deputy of the State Assembly of the Republic of Mari-El of V Convocation (2009-2014), scientific director of Center of Collective Use "Ecology, Biotech-nology and Processes for Clean Energy", Scientific and Educational Center "Environmental Management on the basis of Nano-, Bio-, Energy-Saving, and Information and Communication Technologies", Chairman of the Council of Rectors of the RME universities.

Development of intensive technologies of cultivation of tree-planting material on the bioecologi-cal basis is considered the most significant contribution of E.M. Romanov to the science, for their introduction into production with a large economic effect he was awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Mari-El in the field of industrial production named after S.I. Vavilov. Under the leadership of E.M. Romanov new scientific research is developing related to critical technologies in the field of environmental management: "Biotechnological methods of disposal of municipal and industrial waste and environmental monitoring for forest growing". Romanov E.M. pub-lished 165 scientific papers, received 14 patents for invention, and published 5 monographs and 22 tutorials and study guides. He has the degree of Doctor of Agricultural Sciences and the title of Professor.

State awards and honorary titles:

  • Honoured Worker of Science of the Republic of Mari-El, 1997;
  • Laureate of State Prize of the Republic of Mari-El named after S.I. Vavilov, 1999;
  • Breastplate źHonoured Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation╗, 2002;
  • Honoured Worker of Science of the Russian Federation, 2007;
  • Medal of the Order of Merit for Mari-El, 2008.

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