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Issue Topic: «Engineering Education: Prestige and Acknowledgement»

Nowadays the need for public acknowledgement of the importance of engineering activity has risen, as well as the need for improving principles, methods and approaches that relate to the development of engineering education system. The prestige of engineering profession within the society and the system of engineers’ training are the key elements of the country’s competitiveness in the global economic context.

The aim of the current issue is to discuss modern trends and methods of improving the organization of engineering education in Russia, to determine paths for enhancing the quality and prestige of engineering education, to analyse requirements and conditions for training competitive engineers.

Key sections of the issue:

  • Professional accreditation of educational programs in field of science and technology as a result of acknowledgement of quality of education and specialists’ training from the view of professional community;
  • Professional accreditation as a process aimed at improvement of quality of Russian engineering education;
  • Issues of acknowledgement and certification of engineering qualifications;
  • Increasing the status of Engineer and engineering profession in the society.

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov