International conference “Formation of Practical Competences in Education of Engineers: Ideas, Best Practices and Quality Assurance”


The Conference will be held at Czech Technical University in Prague (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)

Address: Technická 1902/4, 160 00 Praha 6-Dejvice, Czech Republic

Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU, České vysoké učení technické v Praze – ČVUT in Czech) was established in 1707 by the Austrian Emperor Joseph I. It is the oldest technical university in Central Europe and the oldest civil technical university in the world. It is one of the largest universities in the Czech Republic – 22 934 students are trained there in Czech and English as of February 13, 2008.


  • Faculty of Civil Engineering (Fakulta stavební, FSv)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Fakulta strojní, FS)
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Fakulta elektrotechnická, FEL)
  • Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (Fakulta jaderná a fyzikálně inženýrská, FJFI)
  • Faculty of Architecture (Fakulta architektury, FA)
  • Faculty of Transportation Sciences (Fakulta dopravní, FD)
  • Faculty of Biomedical Engineering in Kladno (Fakulta biomedicínského inženýrství, FBMI)
  • Faculty of Information Technology (Fakulta informačních technologií, FIT)

CTU is working closely with many companies including Toyota, Skanska, Bosch, Siemens, Honeywell, GE, Rockwell, ABB Group, McKinsey, DaimlerChrysler, Škoda Auto, Ericsson, Vodafone and many others.

The main building on ČVUT campus on Charles Square

The entrance to the building of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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