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On 20 June, 2018 the AEER Administrative Board meeting was held

At the meeting AEER President, Yu.P. Pokholkov, reported on approval of revised composition of AEER Accreditation Board.

It was decided to approve the revised composition of the AEER Accreditation Board. Another issue that was discussed related to the establishment of the Center for Innovative Activities of AEER.

In order to select, support and promote best practices in developing innovative activities in universities in Russia and the world, to transform Russian HEIs into innovation centers, drivers of technological and economic development of regions and the country as a whole, it was decided to create the Center for Innovative Activities of AEER in the structure of the Association, and appoint Veniamin M. Kizeev, Director of WIN Corp Group, on the position of Head of the Center.

Full text of the Administrative Board decision is available at the section ôAdministrative Board / Meeting and Decisionsö

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov