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Association for Engineering Education of Russia participated in the Parliamentary Hearings in the RF State Duma

The Hearings were held on 14 October 2013 and devoted to the problem of professional and public accreditation of educational programmes and certification of specialists professional qualifications.

The representatives of the State Duma, the Council of the Federation, the Public Chamber, the RF Ministry of Education and Science, the Federal Service of Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science as well as more than 100 people from the academic and professional community participated in the Hearings.

AEER President Prof. Yury Pokholkov reported on “Ensuring high quality of Russian engineers: professional and public accreditation and certification of engineering qualifications”.

The suggestion of AEER on improvement of the system of professional and public accreditation of engineering educational programmes and development in Russia of the internationally recognized system of professional qualifications certification.

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov