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The Association for Engineering Education of Russia was accepted as a Provisional Member to the International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA)

The admission took place on the IPEA General Meeting within the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) Meetings 2013 that was held from June 17 to June 21 in Seoul, Korea.

The IEA Meetings are held by all agreements of the Alliance every two years to review policies and procedures, consider reviews of participating organisation performance in respect of the requirements in the agreements, and consider applications for membership.

The Association for Engineering Education of Russia is already a member of the Washington Accord and APEC Engineer of the IEA.

The International Professional Engineers Agreement, IPEA (formally the Engineers Mobility Forum agreement), is a multi-national agreement between engineering organisations in the member jurisdictions which creates the framework for the establishment of an international standard of competence for professional engineering, and then empowers each member organization to establish a section of the International Professional Engineers Register.

The standard of competence applied is the same as for the APEC Engineer agreement. Most of the APEC agreement members are also members of the IPEA agreement, but the latter is truly global so that countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa have become members of IPEA even though they cannot join the APEC agreement.

Application to the IPEA is completed in two stages. Initially, an organisation will apply to become a Provisional Member. Provisional Members are organisations that have been identified as having competence assessment systems developing towards equivalence to those of full Members; they do not currently operate national sections of the International Professional Engineer register but intend or are in the course of developing registers of professionally qualified engineers in their own economies in order to apply to be Full Members of the IPEA.

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