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Association for Engineering Education of Russia became the signatory of the Washington Accord

The Washington Accord was signed in 1989 by eight English-speaking countries (represented by the accreditation organisations in these countries, conducting public and professional accreditation) to demonstrate the mutual recognition of criteria and procedures for public and professional accreditation of educational programmes in engineering and technology (engineering education programmes). Until now there have been 14 Washington Accord full members (the signatories).

Russia represented by the Association became the next signatory of the Washington Accord with qualifications accredited or recognised by the AEER are recognised by each signatory as being substantially equivalent to accredited or recognised qualifications within its own jurisdiction.

The need for signing of the Washington Accord by the AEER was stipulated by the AEER pursuit for improvement of the quality of Russian engineering educational programmes and their international recognition in the case of public and professional accreditation of these programmes by the AEER accreditation structures.

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