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President of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia held talks with leaders of the Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance and Career Development AKKORK

The Chair of the Advisory Council, RAE Academician V.D. Shadrikov, the Chair of the Accreditation Council Y.B. Rubin and Director-General A.V. Belokopytov participated in the negotiations on the part of AKKORK. Director of the AEER Accreditation Center Prof. S.I. Gerasimov also participated in the meeting on the part of the AEER.

During the talks, it was decided to sign an agreement between the AEER and AKKORK on collaboration on institutional accreditation of higher educational institutions, public and professional accreditation of engineering educational programmes on the ENAEE criteria, with the award of EUR-ACE label.

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov