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From 13 to 15 March, 2012 in Moscow at the AEER office the AEER Accreditation Centre held seminar-training "Public and professional accreditation of educational programmes in engineering and technology. AEER Criteria and procedures".

The seminar was free and held for candidates for the AEER experts.

The seminar addressed such issues as development of the system of public and professional accreditation of educational programmes in Russia, criteria and procedure for accreditation of educational programmes, university and educational programmes self-study procedure, audit of university educational programmes. Also, practical training on objectives of educational programme, learning outcomes, compliance of objectives with learning outcomes, and learning outcomes with the AEER requirements, relationship of learning outcomes and courses, and evaluation methods was conducted.

16 people participated in the seminar, at the end they were awarded the AEER certificates.

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov