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Association for Engineering Education of Russia signed Agreement of cooperation with Association of Technical Universities

On November 22, 2011 in Bauman Moscow State Technical University (MSTU) the enlarged meeting of the Association of Technical Universities (ATU) was held, which was attended by President of the Association Y.P. Pokholkov. The meeting was devoted to problems of engineering education in the former Soviet Union and the role of technical universities in modernization and innovative development of national economies, formation of common scientific and technological education space within the CIS, development and strengthening of relations of Russian higher engineering education with engineering education of the CIS countries. The representatives of Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Uzbekistan and other countries participated in the meeting and made reports. Y.P. Pokholkov presented to the meeting the report on prospects of the CIS countries cooperation in training of specialists in engineering and technology.

At the meeting of the ATU Board the Agreement of cooperation between ATU and AEER was signed. The ground for the conclusion of the Agreement is the exceptional importance of priority development of professional education, training engineers and scientists to meet the challenges of modernization and technological development of the country, need for cooperation between the parties, joining of efforts of Associations, staff of higher education institutions, scientific and educational community to improve professional education on the basis of the best traditions of Russian engineering school.

Immediately after signing, the collaboration to analyse problems in engineering education and engineering in Russia was arranged. As a first step in this direction, holding of the business game "Evaluation of Engineering and Engineering Education in Russia. Problems and Ways to Solve Them" at MSTU was agreed.

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Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov