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Representatives of the Association attended the Parliament Hearings in Austria

In Vienna University of Technology the Parliamentary Hearings on the scientific and academic cooperation of Austria, Russia and Ukraine was held. The hearings was attended by over 100 people, representatives of scientific, academic, innovative, and business organizations, including AEER. The reports made by the Minister for Science and Research of Austria, the rector of Vienna University of Technology Prof. Peter Skalicky, Prof. Manfred Horvat, Prof. Dursteine, Prof. Dagmar Haskl, Dr. R. Gavlik and other contained detailed analysis of successes, weaknesses and risks in the development of scientific and academic cooperation of Austria, Russia and Ukraine. The reports repeatedly emphasized the active role in this work of the Association for Engineering Education of Russia.

The talks with several leaders of the Austrian structures involved in co-operation between Austria and Russia in the field of education and science were conducted. In particular, with K. Cortolezis-Schlager, Chairman of the Committee on Education and Science of the Parliament of Austria, Deputy Director of the Department for International Scientific Cooperation of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research Dr. Anneliese Stoklaska, Dr. Klaus Schuch, one of the heads of Austria's Centre for Social Innovation. During the talks the detailed information on the AEER activities was hand over as well as the offer to use the potential of the Association and its contacts with scientific and educational community in Russia for development of cooperation between Russia and Austria in the field of science and education.

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov