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President of the Association Yury Pokholkov participated in the 12th International Forum "High Technology of XXI century"

The mission of the 12th International Forum "High Technologies of XXI Century» is to facilitate development of innovative processes, promote international dialogue, development of international scientific, technological and business cooperation.

On the Forum Plenary Session the AEER President Yury Pokholkov made the report “State of engineering education in Russia, problems of training of qualified personnel for industry” that was prepared jointly with the AEER First Vice-President Aleksandr Sigov. The report recommended that universities should select best students for training of specialists in the breakthrough technological areas and develop the most innovative educational programmes in cooperation with industry.

The discussion session on this issue was conducted, during which the findings of the Forum in this area were formulated; one of the findings was the need for close cooperation of industry and universities in training of highly qualified specialists in engineering and technology.

Address of Yuri P. Pokholkov